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Our story

Giorgos Mamalis since he was a little boy used to work in local taverns and that experience made him appreciate and love his job. Over the years, he began of dreaming having his own unique restaurant. That dream came true in 1996 when he decided to turn his family's holiday home at Mega Limiona into the now famous restaurant “Agyra”. The restaurant’s name has been inspired from the nearby port of Megas Limnionas and also from his memories of his father's job. All of his family members are involved in the set up of the restaurant and consist the basic team of the business.

George starts the family business based on his experience, setting high standards for the quality of the products, the efficient service and last but not least the true and honored customer relationships. As the years go by, these rules become synonymous with the fame of the store. The trademark of the restaurant, however, is the knowledge of Greek cuisine that signifies the menu and most of all the spontaneous warm smile that George and his team greet us every time we visit Agyra Restaurant!